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Download our B2B catalog to discover the best in safety footwear and explore hassle-free safety shoe programs designed to keep workers safe, productive, and happy on the job.

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Managable safety program. Any time. Any place.

Finally a safety shoe program that makes managing your employees a breeze. Whether your employees choose to shop online, in our superstores, or on our shoemobiles, your safety program is easily accessible 24/7 from a singular dashboard.

Your safety shoe program made easy

With over 40 years of experience in the safety shoe industry, we obsess over your safety shoe program so you don't have to. An astounding 64% of safety professionals are dissatisfied with their safety shoe program, so we set out to revolutionize how organizations provide their employees with safety footwear. The goal is an easy to use system that keeps you informed and your workers safe, productive, and happy on the job.
  • Free Shoemobile service
  • Free onsite hazard assessments
  • Hassle-free online account management
  • 12 Superstores in TX, AR, NM, & CO

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Shoe Mobiles


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Shoe Mobiles

Looking for a convenient way to outfit your team with safety footwear? Our shoemobiles boast an inventory of 80 styles from more than 65 top name-brands, with over 1,000 individual pairs of safety boots and shoes available at every visit. At each visit, our Shoemobile managers are standing by to offer professional fitting services to your employees, and are trained to help your team members in selecting footwear that best meets the needs of the local work environment within your specific requirements at every price point.
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SafeXpro is your one stop safety footwear program management solution. SafeXpro’s account management center allows you unlimited access to all information regarding your safety footwear program, online and on the go, 24/7. With a Work Wear Corporate Account, maintaining a cost-effective safety footwear program is a snap. We provide direct billing, personalized account management, and volume discounts.
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Hazard Assessment

Is your safety shoe program as safe as it could be? With FREE on site assessments you can eliminate the need for guess work. Let our expert staff come out and run a full safety and wellness assessment. We will provide you with detailed feedback and a plan of action to ensure your workers stay safe, productive, and happy on the job.
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For those who like to try before they buy, we've got you covered. We stock our shelves with top quality footwear at every price point to ensure we can meet your company needs. Our shoes and boots align with our core mission - keeping workers safe, productive, and happy on the job. Set up an account and give your employees access to a wide selection of boots and professional fittings from our in store experts.
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We are safety experts who genuinely care

Since 1980, we have been on a mission to make workers lives better. We’re not just a safety footwear retailer, we’re your long-term expert assistant in employee safety and wellness.
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